Why did your listing expire?

I'm going to share here what I have found time and time again. Some agents will list at any price just to get the listing. Why? They use it to sell another home nearby.

A buyer that calls on a sign, and finds it's not in their price range- buyers know what the price range is on neighborhoods they are interested in- they will ask, "do you have any other listings in the area?" A prepared agent always knows!

To keep a property from sitting on the market and dropping in value, 1st - Ask for the comparables. A prepared agent always knows!

As long as you price within 5-10% of the true market value, you have a good chance of selling!

If you would like to learn the true market value of your property, contact me and schedule a free consultation. A prepared agent always knows!

Around The Web

I’ve added a new page to my site called Around The Web. Here I will share relevant articles from different internet sources to keep you informed of what is happening in real estate locally and regionally.


Thank you for reading this, my first blog post on my newly redesigned website.  I hope the content I share with you will be useful and a reason to come back often.

I will be curating and posting articles and commentaries about the local central Florida real estate market, buying and selling real estate for residential, and investment reasons. You will also be seeing articles on financing, inspections, appraisals, types of sales, and more.

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